Bonus Material for Geochemistry of the Earth and Planets

This webpage contains additional resources which students of 12.104 (Geochemistry of the Earth and Planets) may find useful or interesting in class and/or in their careers.

I will update this page throughout the semester. Check back periodically for new content.

These resources are strictly for educational enrichment, and are NOT part of the official curriculum. The official course material is found at this Stellar site.


book recommendations

  • Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 6e - Harris - This is probably the best quantitative analysis book on the market, and is written in a conversational, easy-to-follow, style. Do yourself a favor and pick up an inexpensive older edition (6th or 7th is fine). Describes in depth, but doesn't belabor discussion of, both 'old-school' (e.g., titrations, gravimetry, voltammetry) and modern techniques and instruments (e.g., high-resolution mass spectrometry) commonly used in geochemistry and other branches of science that draw heavily on analytical chemistry. The tables in the back alone justify the cost.
  • Tracers in the Sea - Broecker & Peng - The classic text on chemical oceanography. Out-of-print, but now available freely online (see the link) as a PDF.