My Friends

This is Joey the Gerbil, may he rest in peace.  He and his brother Harvey were good pets.  More pictures of Joey can be found under the My Family link (go to England | Test).

As far as human friends go, the list is continually growing.  What you see here is a start, and a feeble one at that.  I'm in the process of digging through old yearbooks, photo albums, wanted posters, milk cartons, and porno videos for photos of friends.  If I've left you out, please email me (preferably with a picture) and I'll amend the list.

Click HERE for a page of candid photos...   Or, you could click HERE for random Chorallaries pics...

Peter Russo
Helen Chuah
Todd Oliver
Tina Salmon
Noah Souza
Heather Cornwell
Isaac Onigman
Michelle Ouellette
Amy Bergeron
Jeff Deck
Shannon Powers
Erick Viorritto
David Lapidus
David McKinney
Geoff Krause
Dana Tellier
Phil Larochelle
Ying Li
Cathy Shaw