Mostly, I'm interested in SCA fighting

I used to also study Aikido

I studied at New England Aikikai, which is part of the United States Aikido Federation.

A different branch of Aikido in North America is called the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba.

I used to attend Kendo practices, too

I studied with the MIT Kendo Club.

I've collected links about some other stuff related to martial arts, too

Shinkage Ryu

There are some video clips at . This is in Japanese. If you can't read it, just look for the "Get Real Player" icon.


The Southern California Naginata Federation sells a video and a book and has contact info for equipment suppliers.

Misc Martial

Stick Figure Fighting - #3

Biting and Gouging used to be more popular, according to this article from the Journal of Manly Arts.

Kim Taylor has written on The Psychological Effects of Martial Arts Training, as well as on Choosing a Martial Art: The Parable of the Bus.

Sei Do Kai safety weapons - these look like nice boffer-type weapons in various shapes and sizes

Misc Fitness

Tennis Elbow Rehab

(more to be added "soon")

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