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Random Intro Stuff

CSG Systems pays me money, ever since Lucent sold me to them.

I'm a tech writer. I sit in a cube, and I make manuals appear. People read them, because sometimes they tell me what's wrong with them and I fix them. Our offices overlook the Charles River. Life could get worse...

I am so done paying money to MIT. So done.

Random Content and Links

Ah, all this stuff is old. I'll update it one of these centuries.

For a little while, I got a lot of Hate Mail. It dried up, but not before a visit from my friendly neighborhood MSPCA officer.

My rant page is back up - check it out, it'll change periodically. And if you miss one, there's a handy-dandy list at the bottom of the page with links to old rants.

But the rant is not my only source of content. In fact, I have a collection of cool things I have accumulated over time, mostly from other sources: CONTENT

I nixed my links list. It had become a collection of ghost links. Who needs it. Besides, you already know about google and yahoo.

These are some bookmarks: bookmarks

Contacting N Counting

Email me. Sometimes I answer.

Zlocate me. Type in cshiley. If I'm on, and sometimes I'll look like I'm on when I'm not (it's just me being sneaky) you can talk me. Maybe I'll answer. Type "talk cshiley@location", where location is what you got from zlocate. It's not that hard, really...

This is a service provided by a student I know to allow people without MIT accounts to contact those who do by means of the zephyr program. It's like AIM or MSN except better. And I don't log in to those systems. Feel free to drop me a line!

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A gothic quote, from me to you (credit Brunching Shuttlecocks for the quote):


Courtney Shiley, cshiley@mit.edu. You can send me mail