Blue and Gold Spiral

The points lie along a spiral, and the triangulation is the same delaunay triangulation that I did before.

There's a total of 41 points, with the model being 2 1/2" in diameter. The PostScript is only one page, with the construction methods being the same as those used in the other models.
Matlab plot of spiral, with points along it.

The spiral is a spherical helix and the points along it are linearly spaced along the parameter, cut off some distance from the top and bottom. An extra point is added at the north and south poles, since otherwise it looks sort of skewed.

I wasn't pleased with the way edges lined up vertically, and the vertical and other diagonal lines are more prominant than the intended spiral, when viewed from some angles.

Krylon "Short Cuts" was the paint I used here, because Testors seems to be switching to selling acrylic model paints, and I couldn't get a good selection from either of their lines, after searching several stores. Eventually Dickson Bros. hardware store in Harvard Square sold me a selection of pretty Krylon colors, which I'm quite happy with.