Carlos E. S. Cesnik
Visiting Associate Professor
of Aeronautics and Astronautics
from the University of Michigan

Teaching Interests

"My professional objective is to excel as an educator, providing outstanding research, teaching and service activities to MIT, the professional community, and the society at large. The teaching focus of my career is to educate engineers with a systems vision for interfacing the multidisciplinary requirements of advanced aerospace structures. The research focus of my career is to advance the field of multifunctional aerospace structures, particularly in the area of aerodynamic-structure-control interactions that occur in aeroelastic structures."

"As a teacher and mentor of our students, my goal is to maintain the highest standards of engineering education that MIT has experienced. I believe in, and work on, fostering a dynamic and exciting learning environment, where our students and I are partners in the learning process. My experiences with research and industry are integrated in the classroom, giving me the opportunity to share with our students an updated and global view of aerospace structures. In my lectures, I focus on promoting creativity and critical thinking by engaging the students in discussions (both in class as outside it) and design-type exercises (individual and in teams)."

-- Carlos Cesnik

Professor Cesnik has taught the following courses at MIT:

Unified Engineering
16.221 Structural Dynamics
16.241 Advanced Structural Dynamics|
16.242 Aeroelasticity
16.210 Techniques for Structural Analysis and Design