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Since this hadn't been updated since 4/6/96 (and it's now 2/20/98), I figured it was time to add some new information.

Work stuff:

I work at MIT, in Information Systems, leading the "Athena/RCC Help Team". Our group is responsible for Athena Consulting (walk-in, phone, and OLC -- check out our searchable stock answers!), User Accounts, and Residential Computing support.

We're currently doing Spring semester Athena consultant hiring. If you're interested in applying, come to our orientation session on Thursday, February 26th at 5PM in 1-390.

Personal stuff:

On January 13, 1996 I was married to Chris VanHaren (his homepage is about as out of date as mine was, though!) at Walt Disney World. We have a couple of pictures, thanks to Ron Hoffmann.

We've got a 6-month old son, Tyler. We also have 3 cats, Liesl, Shadow, and Wally.

These are things I thought were really cool from Bruce Lewis' homepage. WB56 CityCam View, Boston 7 Weather