Hi! Welcome to Becky's Cool-Like-That Homepage.

My awesome friend Diana Sanchez started making a hompage, so she convinced me to try this out. Promise not to laugh?

A Little About ME

I am a senior at MIT, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in History. I've been a resident of Baker House since my freshman year. I'm living in room 628 now, my first single! It's so excellent! I bought this great futon - it just rocks my world. We have an excellent floor this year. I live right outside the elevator, which is quite convenient My old roommate and best friend, Erica Kuehlem, lives two doors down from me. Right next to her is my sorority sister and roommate from last year, Elissa Lee. Needless to say we just have a blast - you should come by and play with us sometime!

I'm from Fall River, Massachusetts, which despite popular opinion, is a wicked cool place. It's only one hour from Boston, so I get to bring my laundry home and stuff - pretty convenient, huh? I need to get some of my high school friends on the web so you can check out their home pages. This might take some work though....I went to Durfee High School which just got it's own web site going. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Last summer was way cool for me, because for the first time in my life I got to travel west of New York!!! I spent the summer living in Los Angeles, CA working for TRW, a very cool place. I worked in the structural dynamics department analyzing the dynamic response of large deployables. I learned a lot, believe you me!! There were a whole bunch of interns there from MIT, so we had a great time. We took weekend trips to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. It was very awesome!
One of my favorite activities is hanging out with my sisters from Kappa Alpha Theta. What an amazing group of people they are. Check out the page my big sister, Jen Tschudy made. She's in L.A. now, working for JPL - I miss her. My little sister, Danielle Lin just started working on a page too. She's just wonderful, she keeps me sane in a crazy world!! Don't know what I'd do without her!! I have another little sister, Isela Rodriguez, and she's just a big ray of sunshine. But she doesn't have a page yet... I'll have to get on her case about it!!!

Well, when I'm not hanging out with my sisters or dealing with classes I enjoy taking long walks along the Charles River, exploring Boston or watching movies in my room! I love to read horror novels too - Stephen King just rocks my world. So does Anne Rice. She's convinced me that vampires are cool! In high school I was super into running cross country, track and road races. I had to stop running though because I was recently diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called myasthenia gravis. This is a really great link to lots of information on an unknown disease. Check it out to learn more about it or find networks to other MG patients. As for my running career, I'll be back to that sooner or later, I'm getting better all the time!

Some Cool Places to Go

Excellent music sites i've found on the web, including my favorite bands.

A lot of my friends have pages now. Check them out!

Random cool and uselful links.

Hermosa Beach apartment - check it out Dad!

Last modified: May 12, 1999