Digital Simulator

NOTE: This is a Windows 3.1 program last updated in 1995. I'm keeping it online in case anyone still finds it useful, but I'm sure there are better alternatives out there at this point.


Digital Simulator has a toolbar of digital circuit elements, including logic gates, flip-flops, switches, and indicators. Drawing a circuit with Digital Simulator is like using a paint program. You click the element's icon on the toolbar, then click where you want the element to go. You use a similar procedure to draw wires and indicate connections. It's that simple.


Digital Simulator is a full-featured program. It's features include:
  • Emulation of a wide range of devices
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Hypertext On-Line Help
  • Design size limited only by memory and disk space


  • Digital Simulator for Windows 3.1.
  • Digital Simulator for Windows 95/NT

    Digital Simulator is compressed with PKZIP 2.04g. If you do not have a recent copy of PKZIP, you can follow the link below to download a copy from their FTP server.

  • PKZIP Version 2.04

    Ara Knaian