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(Last update: 06 May 2017)

  1. A. Hadjighasem, M. Farazmand, D. Blazevski, G. Froyland, G. Haller, A critical comparison of Lagrangian methods for coherent structure detection. Chaos, 27 (2017), p. 053104.
    [PDF] [Journal Link][Supplementary][BibTex]
  2. A. Hadjighasem, G. Haller, Level Set Formulation of Two-dimensional Lagrangian Vortex Detection Methods, Chaos, 26 (2016), p. 103102.
    [PDF] [Journal Link][Supplementary][BibTex]
  3. A. Hadjighasem, D. Karrasch, H. Teramoto, G. Haller, Spectral-Clustering Approach to Lagrangian Vortex Detection, Physical Review E, 93 (2016), p. 063107.
    Figure 16 from this paper is featured on PRE Kaleidoscope
    [PDF] [Journal Link][BibTex]
  4. G. Haller, A. Hadjighasem, M. Farazmand and F. Huhn, Defining coherent vortices objectively from the vorticity, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 795 (2016), pp. 136-173.
    [PDF] [Journal Link][Supplementary][code][BibTex]
  5. A. Hadjighasem and G. Haller, Geodesic Transport Barriers in Jupiter’s Atmosphere: A Video-Based Analysis, SIAM Review, 58 (2016), pp. 69-89.
    This paper has been selected as the featured article of vol. 58, issue 1 and has also been appeared at popular science news services: SIAM Nuggets, ScienceDaily, phys.org and ETH news
    [PDF] [Journal Link] [Editor Review] [Supplementary] [code][BibTex]
  6. A. Hadjighasem and G. Haller, Lagrangian Coherent Structures from Video Streams of Jupiter, Mixing, Transport and Coherent Structures. Oberwolfach Reports 11, No. 1 (2014), pp. 238-240.
  7. A. Hadjighasem, M. Farazmand and G. Haller, Detecting invariant manifolds, attractors, and KAM tori in aperiodically forced mechanical systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, 73 (2013), pp. 689-704.
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Ph.D., Extraction of Dynamical Coherent Structures from Time-Varying Data Sets (2016) [Link]

M.Eng., Detecting Invariant Manifolds in Aperiodically Forced Mechanical Systems (2012)

B.Sc., Fault Tolerant Control Techniques (2010)