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Alireza Hadjighasem

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  • Jupiter: The Giant Planet
  • Jupiter compared to Earth
  • Mean zonal velocity profile of Jupiter's atmosphere
  • Lagrangian map of Jupiter's atmosphere
  • Nested family of elliptic LCSs forming transport barriers around the Great Red Spot of Jupiter
  • A line of V-shaped chevrons travels west to east
  • Tracer disks resemble chevrons
  • Spectral clustering approach reveals coherent vortices of the ABC flow
  • LAVD level surface marks the eddy boundary
  • Duffing generalized KAM curves
  • Strange attractor of a periodically forced Duffing oscillator
  • Strange attractor of a aperiodically forced Duffing oscillator
  • Resonant island
  • Resonant island
  • Advected image of a KAM torous and a resonant island
  • The beauty of Switzerland
  • image slider
  • The beauty of Switzerland
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My work is focused on the topic of Lagrangian Coherent Structures that leverage the knowledge of nonlinear dynamics, fluid mechanics and advanced mathematics to solve complex problems in applied science and engineering.