Drew's PhotoAndrew A. Bennett

Doctorate in Ocean Engineering, MIT Department of Ocean Engineering.

Research Interests

€ Sensor data fusion in marine robotic systems
€ Navigation and control of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
€ Integration of remote sensing systems with in-situ observation platforms.
€ Distributed, physically-based, interactive ocean simulation

Thesis Title

"Feature Relative Navigation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles"


(1) Sclater, J. G., L. Meinke, A. Bennett, C. Murphy, "The Depth of the Ocean Through the Neocene," CENOP publication, March 1984.
(2) Bennett, A., "Combining Planning With Reactive Architectures in an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle," UUST Conference Proceedings, October 1993.
(3) Bennett, A., Leonard, J.J., Bellingham, J.G., "Bottom Following for Survey Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicles," UUST Conference Proceedings, September 1995.
(4) Bennett, A., Leonard, J.J., "Autonomous Mapping With an AUV: An Approach for Ground Truthing of Remote Sensing Data," Oceans '96 Conference Proceedings, September 1996.


Contact Information

Scientific Systems Company, Inc.
500 West Cummings Drive
Suite 3000
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801

Telephone: (781) 933-5355
Email: abennett 'at' alum.mit.edu

Last modified: 3 June, 2008