Printing, Saving, and Loading

Basic printing

>>print -Pprintername

You can also save to a Postscript or Encapsulated Postscript file:

>>print -dps

>>prind -deps filename.eps

You can also save your plot as an m-file (matlab script) which should contain all the commands you need to recreate your plot later. This is about 98 percent accurate.

>>print -dmfile filename.m

You can save and load files as either text data or matlab's own data format. If you have a text file consisting of a bunch of columns of data separated by spaces or tabs, you can load it into matlab with

load filename.dat

This command will give you a matrix called filename. Then you can reassign columns of that matrix, ie

col1 = filename(:,1);

When you save data using the command

save filename.mat

, matlab will save all of your variables and their values in its own format, so that when you load it using

load filename.mat

you will have all of your variables already defined and names.