Matthew and Jake go to Walden Pond

Wes took a whole bunch of people to Walden Pond, and fortunately for adventure seekers everywhere, Matthew and Jake were among them. On the way, Matthew and Jake rode in different cars so there were no adventures. Really.

Arrival at a place near Walden

Drive, Wes, Drive. And then, the cars arrived at a place that was near Walden, but wasn't. It was late at night, by the way. People aren't supposed to go to Walden late at night. It's closed. Matthew and Jake are devious folk though. They got in, even though it was closed. It would have been a really short adventure otherwise.

Walking to a place even closer to Walden

To get to Walden, Matthew and Jake (who were no longer in separate cars, and in fact were no longer in cars at all) had to cross the street. Matthew and Jake are big boys, so they can cross the street on their own, but they brought Wes, Jessica, Terri, Sequoia, Ryan and Amie across the street with them anyway (they were the other people in the cars). It was dark, but they didn't get hit by a car. Really. Then, Matthew and Jake found themselves at a spot that where there was a path leading into the woods.

The Woods

The woods were dark. Actually the night was dark. The woods were part of the night. No, that's not exactly right either. Matthew and Jake were in the woods. It was dark. Really dark. Really. Into the woods everyone went (Matthew and Jake and all those other people, that is). Finally they got to the pond.


Some people went swimming in the pond. Actually, everyone except Terri and Jake did. They were lifeguards. It was dark. There were stars. Lots of stars. Matthew and Jake looked up a lot. More than usual. That was it. Really.

Walking back

Matthew and Jake were walking back when Terri exclaimed, "Hey!". Actually, she'll probably deny it, and this once she might be right, but she said something like that. So, she said "Hey! I have wintergreen lifesavers". Wes said, "So?". Little did Wes know. He did not know the wintergreen lifesaver effect. Matthew and Jake showed him. He was in awe.

Exiting the woods

As they were leaving, Matthew and Jake were worried that the police would show up and they would have to make up an excuse for being all wet and stuff. Finally, the emerged at the edge of the woods. And Guess What?

Tragic Ending

Real Ending

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