Related Material and Reverse Links

What follows are some pages that point to Matthew and Jake's Adventures or we think are in some way relevant to our Adventures.
"Professor Edith Wyschogrod of the Department of Religious Studies here at Rice is interested in postmodern narrative forms and wants to examine examples of interactive hypertext fiction on the net." Matthew and Jake exactly! (though we remind our readers that we are in fact, FACT, not fiction, but it's narrative, in any case :-)
Yahoo Games page
Matthew and Jake are not a game, however.
Interesting Things according to some folks in the Netherlands
Matthew and Jake don't think they're a thing either, but they haven't decided yet.
Karen's Organized Hotlist
Matthew and Jake are listed under "Fun or Weird". Weird it is. They're listed right under Luke's Hippy Dippy Nerd Page. Hrm.
What's Hot and Cool on the Web
Matthew and Jake are both hot and cool. Matthew and Jake: "down-home" and "do-it-yourself". We're number 94.
Pat's places of Weirdness and Wonder
Matthew and Jake are first on this list. That's because they are weird and wonderful. But, they don't have too much spare time. Trust them.
Ned's Favorite Links
Once again, Matthew and Jake make the top of the list. Who is this Ned guy though? He must be cool, but he doesn't have a link to his homepage.
David's Humor page
Once again, top of the list! Matthew and Jake are honored.
Fun and Games at Harvard
Uh oh, bottom of the list, but what do you expect from Harvard? (notice where they are on Matthew and Jake's list??? :-)

Matthew and Jake's Adventures
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