Matthew and Jake go to the LSC Party

LSC, the Lecture Series Comittee shows movies at MIT. Students run it. Matthew works for LSC. Jake doesn't. LSC was having its 50th birthday party. Matthew and Jake decided to go. If they could get Jake in.

The Party

So, they went to the party. It wasn't really a party, but they had Fig Newtons, so it was close. They also had cool ranch doritos and generic brand oreos. They also made people wear silly name tags. Jake could've gotten kicked out because he's not an LSC member and there was a big sign that said MEMBERS ONLY.

Shabby was there, so Matthew and Jake talked to him. Then they put down a big screen and showed us a cheesy film. Then they cut the cake and announce the awards. Jake won the award for "Least Likely to Become an LSC Member". I guess they knew he wasn't really a member.

More Films

Then we watched a silly spoof of Star Trek and a movie about Gravity. We sat around and talked with Shabby some more. We decided we should write more of our adventures and put them on the web.

Then, the party was coming to a close. And Guess What?

Tragic Ending

Real Ending

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