Matthew and Jake put a CP Car on the Dome

Matthew and Jake were bored. Jake went to check his mail. He looked in his mailbox and found an envelope from some Sweepstakes. It said, "You Win a Helicopter". He told Matthew. Matthew said, "Wow, that's keen".

Getting the Prize

The next day, Matthew and Jake went to pick up the helicopter. They flew it back to MIT. They showed it to Shabby and Debbie. Debbie said, "You know, you could put something on the dome with that". And Shabby said, "Yeah, like a CP Car".

For a while, Matthew and Jake practised flying the helicopter around MIT. You might think someone would have seen it, but they didn't. "Hey, let's put a CP car on the dome". "Ok".

Doing it

One night, Matthew snuck up to a CP car and hooked a rope to it. Jake then flew away. (in the helicopter of course, don't be silly). Then they flew to New York. They picked up a Commodore 64 while they were there. Ok, they didn't really do that. Then, they took the CP car and flew it over the dome. They put it down on the dome. And then they flew away. And no one saw them do it.

Media Coverage

It was in all the newspapers and stuff. Only Matthew and Jake knew that they had done it though. Everyone wondered how they got it up there. Some people thought they used a helicopter, but no one thought it was true. Then, the newspaper came and asked Jake "Did you do that?", and Guess What?

Happy Ending

Real Ending

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