W3C Amaya

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Selecting with Keyboard and Mouse

Many commands in Amaya act on the current selection. You can make a selection using the keyboard or the mouse, as described below.

No matter how you make the current selection, Amaya displays the type of the first selected element at the bottom of the window, followed by the types of the enclosing elements in the structure. This may be helpful when the document structure is complex.

For example, selecting a word in this sentence means that the status bar reads

text \ p \ body \ html \ Document

meaning that the thing selected is some text within a p element (which is within the body etc)

Selecting this structure element (for example click on the word structure, then press esc/f2) gives

strong \ p \ body \ html \ Document

Selecting with the mouse

Selecting from the keyboard

You can also select elements using the Structure view or select images.