Amaya User Manual

Version 7.2 - January 2003


Irène Vatton, Vincent Quint, José Kahan, Kim Cramer, Kim Nylander, Kathy Rosen, Michael Spinella, and Lori Caldwell LeDoux

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Charles McCathieNevile, John Russell, Marja-Riitta Koivunen, Laurent Carcone

This manual presents the Amaya user interface for Unix and Windows platforms. Your user interface could be a little different depending on your system and unique configuration. It is not a complete user manual. Its purpose is only to help users to discover the main features of the software. This document is organized as a book and you can use the Make Book command to build and print the whole manual.

Many commands in Amaya are the same as those provided by common word processors and editors. They are not presented here. Only Amaya specific aspects are described.

Starting Amaya

To start Amaya on a Unix platform, type:

    amaya [-display host] [document]

The parameter [-display host] is optional. It defines the remote host screen where Amaya should display Web pages. If you omit this parameter, Amaya displays on the local host screen.

The parameter [document] is optional. It is the file name or the URI of the first document Amaya should display when starting. If you omit this parameter, a Amaya displays a default document. The default document could be your home page (see how to configure your Home Page) or the Amaya Welcome page.

Table of contents

I. Vatton

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