Service Providers and Application Providers

All The OKI OSIDS are defined as interfaces, meaning that they require implementations in order to actually do anything. Various vendors and contributors have acted as Service Providers, creating OSID implementations. Service implementations, in turn, require client applications to make use of them. The OKI approach allows client applications to load different OSID implementations based on configuration data, and so OKI-ompliant Application Providers have taken advantage of this quality to act as a kind of framework for a particular application space.

Commercial Partners

Giunti Giunti Interactive Labs

Giunti Interactive Labs, a company of the Giunti Publishing Group, offers a large set of services for Content, Learning & Knowledge Management needs.

With offices in Genoa, Sestri Levante, Florence and San Francisco, our mission is to define solutions and provide services for high-quality and effective learning by developing modular, reusable contents for delivery on diverse output peripherals.

Giunti Interactive Labs has a main role in most of the international institutions for the definition of e-learning specifications (IEEE LTSC, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36, CEN/ISSS WSLT, AICC, IMS, ADL-SCORM and OKI).

HarvestRoad HarvestRoad

HarvestRoad develops specialised content management software for use in organisations that implement online learning and knowledge management systems. Our business is focused on the continual development of our flagship product HarvestRoad Hive®, an independent, federated digital repository system for reusable knowledge objects for:

  • Schools - K-12
  • Vocational Education
  • Higher Education
  • Publishers
  • Corporate & Government
  • Education Service Providers


Nolaria Consulting offers a variety of services related to the development of eLearning software for higher education institutions. These services include analysis, requirements assessment, architecture and software design, development, and integration.

Past development efforts have included complete design, implementation, and support of eLearning systems for corporate training, authoring tools for web delivered content, content management systems, and others. Technology used in the creation of these systems included Java-based web applications, relational database systems and Object/Relation Management, OKI OSID implementations, standards based data interoperability (large IMS standards), and accessibility support. User Interfaces used include Swing, JavaServer Faces, and JavaServer Pages.

Current projects include OSID development work, Sakai architecture, Sakai tool development, Sakai training, and others.

OnTapSolutions OnTapSolutions

OnTapSolutions is an information technology company offering a wide array of services including software architecture and development. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has selected OnTapSolutions to deliver OSID implementations for its own enterprise infrastructure. OnTapSolutions also works directly with the OKI project providing consultation on the evolution of the OSID specifications based on its direct implementation experiences.

OnTapSolutions services and experiences include architecture, data modeling & warehousing, datacenter design, digital repository design, financial modeling, network design & planning, organizational management, OSID implementation design & development, process design, security reviews, systems design, education & instruction.

OnTapSolutions is based in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. Contact: Tom Coppeto,


Verbena Consulting is an architectural design, solutions, and software development company with deep expertise in O.K.I.(tm). Verbena Consulting has consulted to MIT on the development and documentation of the OSIDs as well as assisting with reference implementations. Services have also included design discussions with a variety of institutions intent on using and implementing OSIDs.

Verbena Consulting has worked closely with Tufts University on the integration of OSID support in their Visual Understanding Environment (VUE), with Sun Microsystems, Inc. on an OSID implementation for the Java Messaging Service-based CeLeBraTe (Content eLearning with Broadband Technologies) project for the European Learning Network, and with Giunti Interactive Labs on an OSID implementation for their learn eXact LCMS (Learning Content Management System). Additional recent customers include: Sakai, Cisco System Global Learning Network, HarvestRoad, and ARTstor.

Verbena Consulting is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.A. Contact verbenaconsuling @

Projects and Products

In many cases, vendors or open source projects are creating both OKI service implementations and OKI-compliant client applications that make use of them. Among the products and projects using OKI are the following:


HarvestRoad Hive® is an independent, federated digital repository system that manages sharing and reuse of any form of content in any online learning environment across any number of locations or countries and integrates with any Learning Management or ERP System. HarvestRoad Hive Achieves 'Learning Object Federation' Interoperability with Multiple Repositories using MIT's OKI Specification.


learn eXact® is Giunti Interactive Labs’ integrated suite for creating, managing and delivering third generation e-learning content based on learning objects, XML and international AICC, IMS and SCORM interoperability specifications. learn eXact® is a powerful Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that allows your organization to speed up the processes of creating, indexing, storing, revising and managing e-learning contents. Its modular architecture is ideal to fulfill specific customers’ needs. learn eXact® is also a flexible, modular-based Learning Management System (LMS) for the delivery of e-Learning content compliant to the international standards. eXact LMS provides an integrated management of user data, tracking and reports



The LionShare P2P project is an innovative effort to facilitate legitimate file-sharing among individuals and educational institutions around the world. By using Peer to Peer (P2P) technology and incorporating features such as authentication, directory servers, and owner controlled sharing of files, LionShare promises secure file-sharing capabilities for the easy exchange of image collections, video archives, large data collections, and other types of academic information. In addition to authenticated file-sharing capabilities, the developing LionShare technology will also provide users with resources for organizing, storing, and retrieving digital files.



Navigo is an open source framework designed to create a next-generation online assessment service for higher education institutions. Navigo is based on the Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) and the IMS Global Learning Consortium's Question and Test Interoperability (IMS QTI) specification.



The Sakai Project is a $6.8M community source software development project founded by The University of Michigan, Indiana University, MIT, Stanford, the uPortal Consortium, and the Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The project is producing open source Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE) software with the first release in July 2004. The Sakai Educational Partners' Program (SEPP) extends this community source project to other academic institutions around the world, and is supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and SEPP member contributions



The Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) project at Tufts' Academic Technology department provides faculty and students with flexible tools to successfully integrate digital resources into their teaching and learning. VUE provides a visual environment for structuring, presenting, and sharing digital information and an OKI-compliant software bridge for connecting to FEDORA-based digital repositories. Using VUE's concept mapping interface, faculty and students design customized semantic networks of digital resources drawing from digital libraries, local files and the Web. The resulting content maps can then be viewed and exchanged online. This project is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.