The Open Knowledge Initiative

The Open Knowledge Initiative develops specifications that describe how the components of an educational software environment communicate with each other and with other enterprise systems. O.K.I. specifications address broad interoperability agreements that allow for adaptation and further specification by communities of practice. In this way, O.K.I. seeks to open new markets for educational tools and content.


HarvestRoad Hive Achieves 'Learning Object Federation' Interoperability with Multiple Repositories using MIT's OKI Specification (15 March 2005) moreĀ»

The O.K.I. team at MIT continues to provide architectural and technical leadership for software initiatives in higher education, among industry affiliates, and through national and international organizations such as the IMS Global Learning Consortium. This work helps ensure that the next generation of e-learning software will integrate seamlessly with the educational enterprise, and it establishes O.K.I. as a global leader in behavioral specifications for educational technology interoperability.

The Open Knowledge Initiative was initially funded through a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon foundation.

OKI is proud to be part of the IMS Global Learning Consortium.