OKI is a member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, where it maintains a forum for general discussion of the OSIDs.

Change Process

The current version of the OKI OSIDS is Version 2.0. Input is currently being received for Version 3, which is due out by Q3 2005.

Our change process is described in the V3 Change Process Document.

You can enter enhancement requests, suggestions, and bug reports via IMS Spec Maintenance.


Suggestions and bug reports will be reviewed by the OKI team. The result of such a review may be an RFC (Request For Change), which will be published for public review and comment.

Review the RFCs

Register Types

Types are an OKI mechanism for customizing OSID behavior outside the boundaries of the OSID specifications. The OKI philosophy is to standardize to the lowest common denominator, and then add more standardization as consensus emerges in the field. Our site will soon support a process for registering implemented Types, in order to advance the consensus process.