by Jason Bucy

Boy, does Counterpoint suck. The only two articles I've ever found interesting were almost entirely quoted from other people. The articles contained no independent thought on the part of the authors. IN A PATHETIC ATTEMPT TO OUTPUBLISH US, the unstoppable forces of Phos and freedom, Counterpoint HAS GONE CONTENT-FREE. It's like reading Wired-point. I suppose it could be renamed What's-the-point. A mob of wannabe Libertarians (who of course are the bigger twits than the John Birch Society) throwing together a magazine devoted to twisted, parasitic, subhuman politicians, that's what Counterpoint is. Our society is on the march forward, and these tie-wearing shorthairs are driving the opposite way in their golfcarts. Poo.

I guess I'd like to take the rest of this editorial to point out the more salient details of this fine issue of Voo Doo. Our cover artist is the late Bill Elmer '22 himself. Bill was a founder of Voo Doo, and over the last seventy-six volumes of humor and hiati, he never told us we sucked a lot or were hopelessly immature, unlike many other Voo Doo alumni I could name. We will all warmly remember Bill's support, encouragement, and fringe politics.

We here at Voo Doo are also running a special contest. The winning entries will be printed next issue. We know all of you out there have wanted to read the conclusion of James Fleming's ``One Night'' series for some time now. Well, now there's a way to do it. We're asking you, our gentle readers, to write the final episode of your dreams and submit it. We'll print the best entry, or maybe string the best paragraphs together in some cryptic order. Hey, maybe if James sends us something, we'll print it too.

This issue, we're also featuring the return of Joe Smug, the return of Commander Coriander etc., and the return of Gilbert and his doll. Next issue: an editorial in praise of those ornamental cabbages you see all around campus! Wiley computers! Orgies with Kurt Cobain! So submit something! Buy an ad! BUY A GODDAMN AD!