The Unbearable Lightness of Phys. Plant

and other incoherent flamage

by M. Rédacteur

Well, here we are again. After almost two years of unfettered usage of our darkroom, physical plant has again taken its icy tendrils of death and applied them to our precious bodily instruments of production.

Actually, they've taken several very large sledge-hammers and punched several very large light leaks in the wall of our formerly dark room. Their aim: to deliver any noxious by-products from the various Walker kitchens safely into the Cambridge air. Attentive readers will recall that was what provoked them to lay seige to darkroom last time.

This was another one of those ``strategic strike'' visits by Physical Plant. They started their work with absolutely no warning, and when approached, promised to be done in a few days. Well, they were finished in a few days, FINISHED RIPPING OUT THE WALL. And now, a month later, they are nowhere to be seen, and we still have holes in the floor and walls large enough to lose MBTA buses in. (Walker cockroaches, however, seem to have no difficulty navigating the new expressway from the kitchens to the gym. In fact, just last week, Campus Police had to break up a basketball game between two rival cockroach gangs that had turned violent. Two officers were hurt.)

Needless to say, we were not pleased.

As it happens, things have worked out if you ignore the pain in the neck and the extra expense. Other than that, I'm sure Mrs. Lincoln enjoyed the play. Seriously, LSC let us do shots in their darkroom. Wait, no... What I mean is that we did our camera work in LSC's darkroom. Yes, that's it. And used a lot of clip art. Hoo wee, did we use clip art.

None of this is to say that we didn't have our usual good time putting this rag together. They are refinishing the gymnasium floor in Walker. Oh, the fumes. There's nothing like varnish to really knock out those excess brain cells in a hurry.

But hey! We're not complainin' about being in Walker or anything. If you live in a trailer park, you just gotta get used to the tornados.

And finally, a note to whoever is sending pictures of Jodie Foster to the office, addressed to the editor: Don't stop.