Q: Why don't Baptists make love standing up?

A: Because God might think they're dancing.

Son: ``Dad, I have to do a report for school. Can I ask you a question?''

Father: ``Sure son. What's the question?''

Son: ``What is (---A---)?"

Father: ``Well, let's take our home for an example. (---B---), so let's call me (---C---). your mother is executor of my decisions, so we'll call her (---D---). We take care of your need, so let's call you (---E---). The maid does all the work around here, so we'll call her (---F---). Your brother will be affected by our decisions and actions so we can call him (---G---). Do you understand son?''

Son: ``I'm not really sure, dad. I'll have to think about it.''

That night awakened by his brother's crying, the boy went to see what was wrong. Discovering that the baby had seriously soiled his diaper, the boy went to his parents' room and found his mother sound asleep. He went to the maid's room, where, peeking through the keyhole, he saw his father in bed with the maid. The boy's knocking went totally unheeded by his father and the maid, so the boy returned to his room and went back to sleep.

The next morning he reported to his father.

Son: ``Dad, now I think i understand what (---A---) is.''

Father: ``Good son! Can you explain it to me in your own words?''

Son: ``Well Dad, while (---C---) is screwing (---F---), (---D---) is sound asleep, (---E---) are being completely ignored and (---G---) is full of shit.''

(---A---)       (---B---)                          (---C---)
Politics        I am the wage earner               Capitalism
MIT Management  You do everything I say            the Corporation 
Grease          You are subject to my resolutions  the UA
VooDoo          I make all the decisions           the editor

(---D---)             (---E---)           (---F---)           (---G---)
the Government        the people          the working class   the future
the Administration    the students        the faculty         the school
Finboard              the undergraduates  the student groups  student life
the production staff  the readers         the contributors    the magazine