Dear Kent,

Thank you heartily for the Fall VooDoo, which brought joy to my heart. And I'm delighted to find myself included in the staff as Staff Emeritus. After all these years I can see that all those contributions of mine so long ago have paid off handsomely.

I must compliment you extravagantly on this isue of VooDoo. I must say that it's the \underline{best} one ever produced, in all its many years of publication. It's even better than the best ones ever gotten out in my time. I can well understand how it took a whole summer to accomplish such a superb result. I've had the impression that some of the recent VooDoos weren't up to the usual standard. Now I know that Tech still gathers into its fold the cream of America's youthful products.

So please try to maintain the terrific superiority of your first 1992 issue. I know that you can do it, and will, even if you have to ignore your your studies.

With a hearty slap on your back,

William B. Elmer

This was left on our answering machine:
``Hey, Kent, this is a member of Physical Plant. In case you're interested, all that work over there was done by outside contractors, not people inside Physical Plant, so you're the buffoon that wrote it and didn't research your work. Bye.''

Dear Kent,

Is it an insult or a compliment to describe a humor-magazine editor as a ``buffoon''?


Larry Appleman.

I don't know, Larry, I think it's kind of stating the obvious. I was always under the impression that it was in the job description.