From Death Row...

    Over many long years, over mountains of fears, through rivers of
repression, from the depths of the valley of the shadow of death, I
survive to greet you, in the continuing spirit of rebellion. ONA MOVE!
	My words come to you from Pennsylvania's new, bright, shining
hell. This state's supermax is a wholly political construction,
erected solely to ease the fears of those who have feasted for years
on the blood and misery of the weak and the poor. It is correction's
newest, latest, fashion craze; but I ask you, those who labor under
the illusion of their own so-called freedom, do you feel safer now?
	As Amerika's ruling classes rush backwards into a new Dark
Age, the weight of repression comes easier with each passing hour. But
as repression increases, so too must resistance. Prayer vigils are not
enough. Midnight strolls in candlelight are not enough. Prestigious
appeals for government piety are not enough.
	It is time for direct action. For mass action. For concerted
action of the silent many whose silence through timidity is perceived
as the silence of acquiescence. Like our forefathers, our foremothers,
our kith and kin, we must fight for every inch of ground gained. The
repressive wave sweeping this country will not stop by good wishes,
but only by counterwave of committed people firm in their focus. I
hope you will be among them.
	From death row, you have my thanks and my salute. 


	Mumia Abu-Jamal, February 9, 1995

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