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430 AM outside Sharps Cave 430 AM outside Sharps Cave
Martin entering Sharps Cave Martin entering Sharps Cave
Martin and Suitcase Martin and Suitcase
Mmmm.. carbide lamp...
Eric is muddy
Brains on the floor of the Brainroom
Mud sculptures
More Mud
Outside Roadside Pit
Waiting around

John entering the pit
Last sight of daylight
Looking up
Win examines the wall
Kevin rappels in
Liz looks down the hole
In a narrow passage
Going over the edge
We have to go back up that?
Some formations

More formations!
Even More Formations!
Tommy and Kevin cross a crack
A waterfall
Win and John in the waterfall
Yeah, it's wet in there
Martin, Win, Alex, John, and Tommy
Martin climbs out
Outside My Cave
Entering My Cave, John's got the rope,
so we won't die!
No pictures from inside the cave
today. Instead here's our
fearless leader going underground.
Mandatory Group Photo

Holding up Alex
Above Tub Cave
At the Entrance