House Team

House Manager Ken Wolff
Has an office right across from desk by the front door. That way he can watch you...
Come to Ken if something is broken and needs repairs, like a shower head or maybe your psyche
Head of House Jay Scheib
First floor, 166.
Associate Head of House Kristen Covino
First floor, 153.
Graduate Resident Tutors (GRTs) Maggie Delano
First floor, 104.

Matthew Getz
Second floor, 241.

Britni Crocker and Daniel Antonaccio
Third floor, 304.

Sarah Schwettmann
Fourth floor + Towers, 441.

Elected House Officers

Presidents Jane Maunsell and Sabrina Madera
Secretary Omar Laris
Takes minutes at haus meetings and compiles Slander.
Treasurer Ingrid Zhang
Ask her about getting reimbursed for your projects and hall events.
SocialComms Meghan Cum and Sarah Melvin
These good people make fun things happen!
Room Assignment Chairs Jordan Isler and Kenneth Vieira
Contact them if you need to switch rooms.
Hall Chairs Andrew Shea

Linda Jing

Alex List and Ru Mehendele

Kenneth Vieira

Damien Martin

Hane Lee

Meghan Cum