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Steve Arlow <> wrote:
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>Peter Swanson <> wrote:
>>The Ann Arbor serial rapist
>>beat women unconscious and raped them, sometimes in daylight in
>>public areas. Police were unable to get a description from most
>>of the women, because they all suffered short-term memory loss due
>>to the severity of the beating. One woman was found dead from
>>her injuries.
>>Ervin D. Mitchell, suspected of being the Ann Arbor
>>serial rapist [is] being held on $50,000 bond [...]
>[set sarcasm=on]
>How fortunate for Mr. Mitchell that he (allegedly) actually committed
>these acts. Had he written a story about them instead, he might have
>been denied bail of TWICE that amount, as Jake Baker has been.

(A news followup)

The day I posted the description of Ervin Mitchell, he was arraigned on 1 charge of first degree murder and 4 charges of first degree sexual assault in connection with the 13 assaults in Ann Arbor. Mitchell was denied bond at his hearing. The DA was unable to file charges in a 5th attack with an identical MO, since Mitchell apparently used a condom. A gold necklace stolen from the victim and apparently pawned by Mitchell could not be positively identified by the victim. Mitchell may be charged with several of the other attacks later. The DA considers this an airtight case, due to the strong DNA evidence.

Mitchell was previously held (since about 12/26/94) on a $50k bond on assault and robbery charges resulting from his last unsuccessful attack.

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