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This posting contains information from Josh White's 3/16/95 Michigan Daily articles "FBI changes Jake Baker indictment" and "'Friends of Jake Baker' raffling to raise funds"

Baker Indictment Changed

A grand jury issued a superseding indictment yesterday that drops charges based on Baker's stories and adds five counts of transmitting threats to injure or kidnap based on Baker's email conversations with Arthur Gonda. Gonda is named as co-defendant in three of the counts, though he has yet to be identified.

The e-mail messages, sent over a 12-day period in December, detail the abduction, rape, torture, and murder of women. The fifth count against Baker and Gonda says the two planned to meet in order to carry out their fantasies.

"We have to get together," said Gonda between Dec. 11 and 12. "I will give you more details as soon as I find out my situation."

According to the indictment, Baker responded, "Alrighty then. If not next week, or in January, then definatly (sic) sometime in the summer. Pickings are better then too. Although it's more crowded."

David Cahill, one of Baker's attorneys, said the case has changed and the new indictment raises several questions.

"The government realized the story was not a part of this case," said Cahill. "It raises many issues as to how the e-mail was obtained and whether or not there is even ground for the new charges brought against him.

"The University investigated Jake in regards to his story and obtained the e-mail to Gonda through that investigation," said Cahill. "They were investigating something that is now deemed not a threat, so it is questionable whether or not the e-mail can be used against him."

"It is very possible that this case will never make it to trial," Cahill said.

"It could be that the University has to ask itself whether or not it wants to suspend Jake now that the government does not perceive him as a threat to the student in his story," said Cahill. "Maybe the University should reconsider. It is possible that he could return this year."

Details of Baker's Suspension Order

University President James J. Duderstadt suspended Baker Feb. 1
"based on the degrading, humiliating, and frightening manner in which (he had) defamed and invaded the privacy of a student by describing her and using her name in violent and pornographic stories and communications that (he) send out on the Internet,"
according to Baker's suspension order obtained by the Daily. The order also justifies Baker's suspension on the grounds that he posed "an imminent danger to members of the University Community."

Baker's legal expenses increasing

Vilma Baker, Jake's mother, said that legal expenses have exceeded $15,000 and she is "afraid of losing (her) home." She said about $500 has been raised by the 'Friends of Jake Baker.'

"We started the fund about two weeks ago," Mrs. Baker said. "A lot of friends and neighbors and co-workers of mine have gotten together as the 'Friends of Jake Baker' in order to help fund his case."

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