Items the censors don't want you to see.

The Net interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it.
-- John Gilmore

Throughout human history, attempts have been made to suppress certain writings and pictures. This is a collection of links to material about such suppression, or material likely to be suppressed.

Now, the disclaimers:
MIT, SAFE, and the writers of this page assume no liability for what happens to you, or what is done TO you, if you follow any of these links. Just reading this page may qualify as "linkcrime" in some jurisdictions (such as some "educational" institutions ...).

Don't click on any of the items on this page if you are easily offended! There's S-E-X here. And rebellion. And subversion. If you believe certain propaganda, your brain will rot on the spot. You have been warned!

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Rock and Roll (actually Music)

Freedom of Speech, just watch what you say. -- Ice T
Music is always being banned. Fortunately, many lyrics are available on-line


Images in General


General Subversion

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