From: (Jake Baker)
Subject: A Day at Work (m/f, rape, torture, rape, nc)
Date: 15 Dec 1994 22:54:06 GMT
Organization: University of Michigan
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The following contains rape, torture, snuff, and other sick stuff. If that's not your cup of tea, change the channel now.

Comments and criticism always welcome. Enjoy.

If you like this, try your hand at it. We desperatly need a higher story to noise ratio on this group :-)

A Day At Work

I had to be in for work on Saturday. Some kind of meeting in the aud. I watched them walk in. It was a frat meeting. Some of them had brought dates - hot little bitches, all of them.

I hung around outside the door waiting for on of the girls to leave the wrong way. Eventually, one did.

The little Asian cunt went the wrong way out of the aud. She went through the 2nd floor doors, instead of the first. I heard the door open, and came out to see what the problem was.

I saw her there, small and black-haired, looking confused. "May I help you" I asked, feeling my boner grow.

She told me she was looking for the bathroom. I told her no-one is supposed to be on this floor, and I'd have to take her name. She started to bitch, but I gave her a stern look and led her into the office. The door locked automatically behind her.

The inside office her is three thick oak doors and solid walls from the hall, which is around the corner from the doors to the aud. The frat boys were making their own nose. I though I'd make mine.

When she got to the inner office, the Korean girl knelt down to tie her shoe. I snatched up a heavy paper-weight from the desk and struck it against the back of her head. She collapsed to the floor.

Taking rope from the neerby cabinet, I got her feet and hands tied by the time she was waking up. She was lying on her stomach, and almost managed to scream before I wrapped the cord several times around her mouth. Now, she could make the erotic noises I was soon going to pry from her, but couldn't say a damn word.

I took her clothes off, trying to stop her squirming. Her skin was smooth and soft. When I got her blouse torn off and pulled off her skirt, I rolled her around onto her back. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes. I smacked her face several times. Again and again, my hand connected with her cheecks and temple. SMACK SMACK. Her yelling was quite viscious now. I tore off her bra and she squeeled. Then I gave her something to squeel about as I grabbed her nice melon-like tits and pulled them up hard. I bit into the exsposed underside hard. She squeeled and thrashed, but I kept by bite. Then I let up.

Keeping her held down with one foot, I took off my clothes. I reached down and tore off her panties. Her cunt was smooth. I took my belt and made a loop of it. Kneeling beside her, I started lashing into her tits with abondon. She screamed and screamed, and made my incredibly horny. I rolled her onto her stomach and whipped the smooth arc of her back and her ass-cheecks. When I started rasing welts, I let up and moved behind her.

I wrapped her legs, bound at the feet, around my torso. Kneeling down, I took careful aim, and pressed my cock against her narrow asshole. She started thrashing and groaning as I slid my cock into her shit-hole. Standing up, I grabbed her tits with my hands and started walking around the room, with this tiny asian bitch wrapped around my like an obscene belt. It felt realling good. She was waving from side to side, and her asshoel was clenching and unclenching against my cock. Backing up a little, I then moved forward quickly, and rammed her jerking head against the wall. Not hard, but enought to hurt. Her body jerked around my penis. I did this again and again -- back up, ram, jerk, back up, ram, jerk (all the while she was screaming and screaming. I wished I'd had the forsight to bring a tape recorder) -- until she could no longer scream, just moan like an animal. Her beautfil shiny black hair was matted with blood. I set her down on the desk. She rocked back and forth, moans of pain escaping her tied lips. Her face was covered with tiny spasms, making me even harder.

I strapped her firmly to the desk, and sat down to take a break.


Over the course of the next few hours, I left that oriental cunt strapped to the table, while I did homework. Every now and then, I'd reach out and twist a nipple, elicitating a groan or yelp. I felt her body up, from her tiny feet to her dry cunt and abused asshole, up her stomach and over her breasts, over her neck and to her face, which I slapped repeatedly to keep the bitch awake.

At 5:00, I went to get dinner --- and a few other things. After eating a hrady meal, I let myself into the janitors closet, bringing out his toolbox and a bottle of bleach. Back in the office, I found my toy trying desperatly to get out of her bonds. I walked in and yelled, "Lousy whore, what are you trying to do! I'm gonna punish you for trying to escape." Of course, I was gonna hurt her anyway, but she didn't now that.

Remving a spacling knife from my toybox, I stated making deep cuts in the bouncy flesh of her tits. She thrashed about while I was doing this and kept screaming real loud. This made me get hard again treal fast. Once her once smooth and creamy tits were cut into ribbons of flesh (I hadn't damaged her nipples) I poured bleach over them. The Asian whore let out a scream that hurt my ears. She twitched about and started shaking. Not to loose this opportunity, I stuck my cock into her tight pussy-hole while I continued my tender administrations. The intense pain she was in caused her cunt to clpamp like mad about my manhood.

Still riding her, I got a pair of pliers from the toolbox and clamped it on her left nipple. Then I pulled up violently. Her ribboned flesh started to peal away. Slowly, her entire breast tore off. She continued screaming and bucking all through this. I left that breat hanging on to her by just a few strands of flesh and did the same to the other. My fusk-toys face was now almost invisible beneath a wall of pain. She bucked, and I felt myself on the verge of cumming, so I pulled out and straddled her so I could come on her face. My white juice splattered all over her fine face. She tried to twirst to avoid it, but I grabbed her hair and kept her head still.

I kept hold og her head, her eyes wide, clouded with beautiful pain, her cheeks painted white, until my cum dried. I slapped her cut-up tits some more, watching the way they wiggled now. But my dear plaything was fading fast. Blood loss was killing her. There were so many more sweet things I wanted to do to her, but I couldn't. Well, I thought, there'd be other times.

Stuffing her not-quite dead yet body into a duffel bag, I kicked it until the body inside was still. "accidentally" hit the self-test button on the cameras, and hurridly took the bag downstairs, to the dumpster. Coming back, I cleaned up my work-area and made ready to close down the building for the day.

"They say dogs ignore their reflections in mirrors because they can't
smell them. Dogs, unlike people, are not fooled by what they see."
-Theodore Sturgeon