Information Postings

This page is an index of the postings I made to several newsgroups to keep the internet community informed of developments in the Jake Baker case, as well as links to Michigan Daily articles covering the case. I can make no guarantees regarding the accuracy of this information; however, most of it is gleaned from press accounts. Check out the SAFE Baker case archive for the full text of newspaper articles from the Ann Arbor News and Michigan Daily. -- Pete

Pete's Informational Postings

(2/7/95) University of Michigan Student Suspended for Pornographic Writing on Net
The initial report. Facts were sketchy.
(2/8/95) Michigan Student Government Condemns University Actions in Resolution
Text of resolution. News story describing decisions and people involved.
(2/10/95) More Developments in Jake Baker Internet Porn Case
Baker arrested by FBI. Discussion of First Amendment and privacy issues related to case. Discussion of University's code of non-academic conduct.
(2/10/95) Details of Baker's Arrest
Updated information regarding Baker's arrest. Criminal charge detailed. Some details of Baker's e-mail conversations with Arthur Gronda, a Canadian.
(2/10/95) How Jane Doe's name was used
How Baker knew the woman named in his story, and how the University knew she was a student.
(2/16/95) More Information on the Jake Baker case
Sequence of events. Media free-for-all. Baker judged 'too dangerous' to be released. Prosecutors push Baker indictment. 'U' had Baker e-mail before suspension. Jane Doe declines comment. ACLU involved. Baker put disclaimer and warning before story.
(2/26/95) Baker indicted
A concise summary of Baker's grand jury indictment. Mention of Phil Watson, a correspondent who dissented with Baker over his story. Announcement of WWW page.
(2/27/95) Baker arraigned, pleads not guilty
Details of Baker's arraignment and plea. Comments by ACLU.
(3/2/95) Baker trial date set
Baker trial date set for 4/3/95. Discussion of no-bond decision. Gonda apparently does not exist. Information regarding Ervin Mitchell, the accused Ann Arbor serial rapist and comparison to Baker case.
(3/6/95) Followup on Mitchell
Mitchell formally charged with Ann Arbor serial rapes, denied bond.
(3/7/95) No decision yet on Baker's bond
No decision yet from appellate court. Baker's attorney filing to dismiss charges. Baker e-mail correspondence with Phil Watson.
(3/8/95) Baker bond appeal denied
Appellate court lets no-bond ruling stand. Judge Avern Cohn will decide bond issue himself.
(3/10/95) Baker released on $10k bond
Baker released on bond with conditions. Comments on detention by Baker and his parents.
(3/16/95) Baker indictment changed by grand jury
Baker charge based on story dropped, new charges filed based on e-mail. Details of University suspension order. Baker's legal expenses increasing.
(5/24/95) Baker will not return
A Michigan Daily story.
(5/31/95) Judge may dismiss charges against Baker
A Michigan Daily story.
(6/22/95) Baker case resolved: charges dropped
All charges against Baker dismissed by judge
(6/28/95) Judge tosses federal suit against Baker
A Michigan Daily story.
(11/17/95) U.S. Government to appeal Baker Case
A Michigan Daily story.
(11/17/95) U.S. ready to charge student again.
A Detroit News story.
(11/22/95) U.S. files appeal in dismissed Baker case
A Michigan Daily story.
U.S. appeals dismissal of Jake Baker's Internet sex-fantasy case
(12/9/95) Professor files brief in Internet fantasy case
Court considers reinstating charges in e-mail threat case
Detroit News
Court panel dismisses Baker case, Justices uphold earlier ruling favoring Baker
Michigan Daily
(1/30/97) Court panel dismisses Baker case, Justices uphold earlier ruling favoring Baker
Michigan Daily
(1/31/97) Decision on Baker spurs legal debate (1/31/97)
Reaction to the U.S. Circuit Court decision. Michigan Daily.

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