Letters to the editor

As I have time, I'll add letters to the editor of the Michigan Daily and other newspapers regarding the Baker case and its issues, provided they are available online. If you know of one that isn't here, please let me know and I'll add a link.



Still chasing Jake: Renewing Baker case threatens Net speech (Michigan Daily 11/28/95)
Read and delete Forwarding e-mail is protected free speech (Michigan Daily 11/22/95)
Once upon a time ... Baker's dismissal sets good precedent (Michigan Daily 6/28/95)
Young men victims of our social climate
Nickie McWhirter, Detroit News (July 8 1995)
Baker guilty of bad writing, poor taste
Nickie McWhirter, Detroit News (June 24 1995)
Free Speech on the Internet
Detroit News (June 22 1995)
Lament for Jake Baker
Draper Hill, Detroit News Cartoon (March 15 1995) (not online now, but might be soon).

Letters to the editor

Feds chipping away at free expression (Michigan Daily 10/20/95)<
Government should stay out of cyberspace
Detroit News (July 6 1995)
Keeping an eye on the Internet