Baker Case Biographies

Jake Baker

Abraham Jacob Alkhabaz has used the name Jake Baker since his parents were divorced 5 years ago, and his father moved to Lebanon. Baker is a 21-year old sophomore in the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and Arts (LSA). He has been stereotyped in the press as intellectual and socially inept.

Arthur Gonda

Arthur Gonda is (presumably) an Ontario man that Baker corresponded with. Authorities have been unable to locate Gonda, suggesting that the name is a pseudonym. Gonda's computer account has been inactive since January.

Baker Family

Vilma Baker

Vilma Baker is Jake's mother. She is a creative writing teacher in Boardman, Ohio.

Baker's Attorneys

David Cahill

David Cahill is Baker's civil attorney. He is handling Baker's appeal of his suspension from the University. Cahill is also handling another civil case brought against the University by [Redacted], who was improperly prosecuted under the Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SSRR).

Douglas Mullkoff

Douglas Mullkoff is Baker's criminal defense attorney. He is handling the government case against Baker.

University Officials

James J. Duderstadt

James Duderstadt is the President of the University. He suspended Baker using broad powers granted him by a regental bylaw.

Catharine Mackinnon

Catharine Mackinnon is a professor at the University's Law School. She is counseling the woman named in Baker's story. Mackinnon believes that some speech defaming women should be legally punishable. MacKinnon is a well-known feminist legal scholar who has been very active in extending the reach of sexual harassment theories.

Joan Lowenstein

A communications department lecturer who teaches a course on First Amendment law. Lowenstein has been interviewed by the Daily as an expert in the field.

Lisa Baker

A University public relations official.

Federal Officials

Greg Stejskal

Greg Stejskal is an FBI agent who investigated Baker and filed an affidavit against him.

Ken Chadwell

Ken Chadwell is the U.S. Attorney prosecuting Baker's case.

Sandy Pallazalo

A spokesperson for the Detroit U.S. Attorney's office.

Federal Judges

Magistrate Judge Thomas A. Carlson

Carlson denied bail for Baker, calling Baker "a ticking bomb."

Magistrate Judge Stephen Pepe

Conducted Baker's arraignment.

Judge Avern Cohn

Avern Cohn is the federal judge trying Baker's case. Cohn released Baker on bond based on a psychological evaluation. Cohn is also the judge which ruled the University's speech code unconstitutional.

Other People

Howard Simon

Director of the Michigan branch of the ACLU.

Ervin Mitchell

Ervin Mitchell is the accused Ann Arbor rapist. He has been connected to more than a dozen rapes and attempts in Ann Arbor and nearby cities by MO and DNA evidence. He escaped multiple rape convictions in a nearby city on legal technicalities.

[Redacted for privacy concerns]

[Redacted] was improperly convicted of "harassment" under the University's SSRR. Standards of evidence, hearing procedure, and statute of limitations defined in the SSRR were violated in the case. [Redacted] was not allowed representation by an attorney and was not allowed to reasonably represent herself by the judge in the case. [Redacted] has filed a civil lawsuit against the University.

Phil Watson

Phil Watson is a Virginia man Baker corresponded with via e-mail. Watson forwarded Baker's e-mail and stories to the University and federal officials.