Installing MPLAB and the CCS PIC C compiler

  1. Download MPLAB from (as of 2/13/01, click "Software" from the main page)
  2. Unzip and install, accepting all the default options
  3. From a PCM install disk (purchasable from, run the install program and accept all the default options, including allowing it to modify your autoexec.bat file
  4. (if either program suggests you restart your computer, do so)
  5. Run MPLAB
  6. Go to Project --> Install Language Tool
  7. Under "Language Suite", select CCS
  8. Under "Tool Suite", select C Compiler
  9. Under "Executable", enter C:\PICC\CCSC.EXE
  10. Click OK

Creating a new Project in MPLAB

  1. Start MPLAB
  2. Go to Project --> New Project
  3. Pick a name for your project (we'll call it name.pjt), click OK
  4. Under "Language Tool Suite", select CCS CCS
    (click OK when warned that this will cause you to lose your command-line options)
  5. Click on the name.hex file in the "Project Files" box
  6. Click on "Node Properties", then check the "PCM" box, then click OK.
  7. Click on the "Add Node" button, add a node name.c, then click OK.
  8. Click OK

  9. Now create a new file (under File --> New), or open template.c, and save this file as name.c

(maxdavis(at), 2/13/2001)