Dorm History

R*nd*m House election results are inconclusive; future action unclear

The question of a permanent name for the living group at 290 Mass. Ave is still up in the air. The name of R*nd*m House was frowned on by the administration, so the matter was not pressed any further. An election was held Tuesday night to choose a permanent name. The ballot featured such gems as Bleak House, Maxwell House, MIT Auxiliary Apartment (MITAA), Gamma Delta Iota, Gauss House, Haacke House, Random Hall, The Tool Shed, The Shafts, and Two Eighty-Eight.

In the election, Maxwell House came in first with Random Hall second. The administration has disapproved of Maxwell House, however, for the same reasons that it vetoed R*nd*m House, and the residents are hesitant about adopting Random Hall. So, at this moment, a permanent name for 282-290 Mass Ave. has yet to get off the ground.

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