Dorm History

James Michener:

FYI.. I remember only spending one night at Random House in the fall of 67 or 68. There are only two stories that I remember...

1.) Some girl and her duck decided to live in Random House for a few months. She left leaving her duck behind. The duck was not "house trained" and left a fowl ode [sic] to the building.

2.) One of the freshmen (it was mostly a freshman dorm) realizing that Calculus was the key to engineering and science had taken his first hour exam. The professor put 10 calculus questions on the hour exam to see how many problems the students could solve. This student was depressed, realizing that at best he got half the problems right. One evening he hung himself in his room. Two days later the roommate picked up the exam and he had received a B+. Moral of the story: Don't kill yourself until after the curve.

I forwarded your request to my brother. I am sure he can remember many more stories. I was directed to your web site by a story done by ZDTV. Also, I am not a Tech Alumni, after my visits to MIT I wound up going to engineering school at Clarkson College (now Clarkson University) and the Univ of Illinois for graduate school. My brother did graduate from MIT but wound up going to graduate school at the Univ of Chicago getting his Phd under Milton Friedman in Economics.

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