The MIT OS/2 Users Group is proud to announce the reorganization of its
mailing lists:

	 * os2partners	the MIT OS/2 discussion list

	 * os2announce	the MIT-specific announcements list

	 * os2meetings	the meetings announcements list

These are all public lists, so you can use 'mailmaint' or 'blanche' from
Athena to subscribe and unsubscribe to your heart's content.

Please note that you only need to be on *one* of the lists.  People on
os2partners will receive discussion, MIT-announcements, and meeting
announcements.  Members of os2announce will receive both MIT-specific
announcements and meeting announcements, and members of os2meetings 
(for local off-campus, non-MIT types) will receive only the meeting

As always, if you need help subscribing or unsubscribing, you can
contact me at klund(at) or  If you want to join
a list, or change lists, you can just send me mail telling me what list
you want to be on, and I will take care of the rest.  All mailing list
traffic (i.e. os2partners) with continue to be archived in our discuss

And will continue to be the contact for our world-famous
OS/2 World Wide Web Homepage :

--> Kent Lundberg, MIT OS/2 Users Group
    ( klund(at), 38-591, 253-1938 )