How and Why to get FreeTCP has been uploaded to and It's now in the incoming directory but it will probably end up in the network/tcpip dir. The latest version is always available from Jacco de Leeuw's homepage (

With the contents of this file, you can use the Internet Access Kit included with regular Warp (Red box and Blue box) on your Local Area Network, e.g. Ethernet. Normally, the IAK can only be used with a serial dial up link to a Internet Service Provider, using the SLIP or PPP protocol.

No extra networking software such as Warp Connect or Lantastic is needed. Although these packages are not bad at all, you may not want to spend more money. And you may not need all the features of these products (such as Peer-to-Peer connectivity, TCP/IP server daemons, etc.). The solution contained in this archive works great for people on a budget, for instance students with Ethernet in their dorms.

To get started, you'll need one other file. Please read the README.1ST in (also available on the homepage) before you download this particular file.

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