How to get AFS for OS/2 to work on Athena

1. Caveats:

That said...

2. Installation

  1. Unzip the AFSOS2.ZIP file into the root directory of your OS/2 boot drive. (My boot drive is "D:". Modify these instructions accordingly).
  2. In your CONFIG.SYS:
  3. Configure the D:\AFS\BIN\INITFILE.AFS file to say
    D:\CACHE        # this is the location of the cache entries
    8000            # maximum number of 1K blocks in the cache
    200             # number of predefined cache files
    G:              # drive designator for the 'afs' tree
    D:\AFS\ETC      # location of files thiscell and cservdb
    H: \\activity\o\os2
  4. Configure the D:\AFS\ETC\THISCELL file to say
  5. Configure the D:\AFS\ETC\CSERVDB file to say
    >           #MIT/Athena cell                                
    The full Cell Server Database can be found on any Athena machine in /usr/vice/etc/CellServDB.
  6. Reboot...
  7. Run VENUS.EXE to start AFS.

3. Now What?

Requestor @sys Value

The requestor has an "@sys" value of "os2".

Permissions and acl Lists