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I HATE HAMLET - Overview
written by Paul Rudnick
directed by Jim Lynch
performed August 3-5 and 9-11, 2001

Gather ye 'round... When Andy's TV show is cancelled, he moves back to New York to dabble in acting classes and theatre. But things don't seem to be working out.

Deirdre, his girlfriend of five months (he met her in acting class) won't sleep with him until she is sure "he's the one." His realtor Felicia rents him a gothic retreat (once owned by John Barrymore) when he prefers modern surroundings. His agent Lillian gets him the lead in Hamlet in a Shakespeare-in-the-Park production; a part which terrifies him. His former TV director has a new, multi-million job prospect with a ridiculous premise back in LA. And now the ghost of Barrymore won't leave him alone. Any wonder why he hates Hamlet??