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FRESH TALES - Overview
A collection of three slightly bent fairy tales for children and adults alike
performed August 6-8, 1999

For the Love of Sunny
story by Vivian Vande Velde
adapted by Cynthia Mercati
directed by Karen Mueller-Harder
A princess with gumption successfully schemes to slay a troll and dragon and answer some really hard questions to win the hand of her love.

The Fairy Godmother's Assistant
story by Bruce Lansky
adapted by Cynthia Mercati
directed by Pete Cocaine
The Fairy Godmother goes on vacation, leaving her magically challenged assistant behind to figure out some creative and rather sensible ways to solve the problems presented by various customers.

The Ugly Duckling
written by A.A. Milne
directed by Bob Mussett
Parents of a supposedly unattractive princess scheme to get her married off to a visiting prince by coaching a more attractive (yet definitely less regal) servant to temporarily take her place, unaware that both the princess and prince are planning a little subterfuge of their own.