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written by Paul Rudnick
directed by Robin Olinsky
performed May 15-17, 2003

A stage manager, headset and prompt book at hand, brings the house lights to half, then dark, and cues the creation of the world. Instead of Adam and Eve, our lead characters are Adam and Steve, and Jane and Mabel, a lesbian couple with whom they decide to start civilization. Act One covers the Garden of Eden, an ark, a visit with a Pharaoh and the Nativity.

Act two jumps to modern day Manhattan. Adam and Steve are together again, and Steve is HIV positive. Itís Christmas Eve, and Jane is nine months pregnant. The two women want to marry and a wheelchair-bound, Jewish lesbian Rabbi from TV arrives to officiate. The ceremony is interrupted as Jane gives birth, and Steve confides to Adam that his medication isnít working and that heíll probably not survive much longer. Bound by their long life together, and the miracle of birth theyíve just witnessed, the two men comfort each other even though they know their remaining time together will be short.