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written by Arthur Miller
directed by James Camp
performed December 7-9 and 13-15, 2001

In 1692, two young girls in Salem, MA, take ill with peculiar symptoms: inability to eat, a deep trance-like slumber, and occasional fits of madness. When it is discovered that the Minister's niece Abigail, his slave Tituba, and many other local girls were dancing in the forest and performing voodoo rites, the suspicion of witchcraft is raised. Abigail soon realizes that by naming local outcasts and drunkards as witches, she can escape punishment for her actions. But when the girls are elevated to prophetic status by the Puritan government, they begin to name prominent townspeople who are rivals over religion, land, or love. Before long anyone who speaks against the Court is accused of witchcraft, and scores of local men and women are imprisoned. Those who refuse to confess are hanged.

In all, the fiery crucible of the Salem Witch Trials consumed 24 lives. Arthur Miller's great play, published during the McCarthy era, tells the story of one particular man, John Proctor, who has the bad fortune of attracting Abigail's lust and the ire of many a court official. Speaking up against the madness earns him a place in jail, and ultimately on the gallows. This is a story of how the hard-held beliefs of honest men can be twisted by a few spiteful individuals...and how the unthinkable can happen one well-meant step at a time.