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Agnes Eggling - Mid- to late 30s; preferably heavyset. Bit player/character actress in the German film industry.

Gregor Bazwald (Baz) - Early to mid-30s. Homosexual who works for the Berlin Institute for Human Sexuality.

Paulinka Erdnuss - Mid-30s, but looks a little younger. Actress in the German film industry; a featured player on her way to becoming a minor star.

Annabella Gotchling - Mid-40s. Communist artist and graphic designer.

Vealtninc Husz - Mid-40s. Cinematographer. Hungarian exile. Missing an eye, he wears spectacles with one lens blackened.

Rosa Malek - Mid- to late 20s. Minor functionary of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands).

Emil Traum - Mid- to late 20s. Slightly higher-ranking functionary of the KPD.

Die Alte - A woman, very old but hard to tell how old--somewhere between 70 and dead-for-20-years. White face and rotten teeth. Dressed in a nightgown, once white but now soiled and food-stained.

Gottfried Swetts - Ageless; when he looks good he could be 30, when he looks bad he could be 50 (or more). Distinguished, handsome, blond, Aryan. [Producer's note: Swetts appears from nowhere accompanied by a red-eyed dog who drools smoke; anyone care to guess his real identity?].

Zillah Katz - Contemporary American Jewish woman. 30s. BoHo/ East Village New Wave with Anarcho-Punk tendencies. Moved to Berlin, in the recently reunified Germany; she is living in Agnes' apartment, forty years later.

Roland - 20s. Born in East Germany back when there was such a thing. He's now hanging out in what was formerly West Berlin. He speaks no English.