Meeting Minutes September 14, 2004

Introduction of officers:
Kali Clark - President
Sarah Chu - Treasurer
Karen Condon - Webmistress
Laura Yip, Silpa Kaza, Ben Wagner - Publicity
Michelle Tiu - Food Salvage Chair

Description of what club does:
We are a community service organization that concentrates on helping fight hunger in Cambridge, the greater Boston area and even in the rest of the world. We have meetings about once a month, and have many different events throughout the school year. You may attend as many or as few events as you want.

Our Main Events:
Our main events include volunteering at CASPAR, which is a homeless shelter and drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located just at the edge of the MIT campus on Albany Street. We volunteer usually by helping serve meals, but our involvement also includes cleaning, laundry, just talking to the residents as well as art projects and various other activities.
This semester we will also be volunteering twice at Saturday Bread in downtown Boston. This organization serves meals for the homeless on Saturdays and Sundays. This event lasts about 4 hours, from 12:30 to 4:30. (12:00-5:00 with travel time)
We also participate in Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week in November, where we set up tables in the student center and raise money to donate to a worthy cause.
The Walk for Hunger in May is our large, end of the year event. We raise money at a booth in the student center or lobby 10 and also register walkers. Our club usually takes a large group and walks the 20 mile walk around the suburbs of Boston. It is tons of fun!
One new group that may be combining with us is working on creating an art gallery exclusively with art created by CASPAR residents. . . I'll let them give you more information.
We also have created a Food Salvage program that Michelle will talk about:

Sign Ups:
There are sign up sheets on the table for both Saturday Bread Events, once October 2nd and the other November 6th, and for people interested in being on a CASPAR list where anyone can send messages to look for people to go to CASPAR with them: <caspar-vol>. If you missed the sign-ups send an e-mail to let us know what you're interested in getting involved in!