2nd General Meeting - March 2003

CASPAR –this Saturday

Morning group leaves at 10am.
Afternoon group leaves at 2:30pm.

Meet at Student Center Steps at times indicated above.

CASPAR location and contacts


CASPAR volunteer opportunities (All the time):

Trainer needed for CASPAR
Cooking in Kitchen
Painting Mural - for more detail please see below*

*Manager Joel says that we have permission to paint a giant mural. This Saturday we will be going to CASPAR in 2 groups: (10am and 2:30pm). Meet on the front steps of the Student Center to head over. Feel free to come late/leave early if you cannot make these times. We'll be taking a complete tour of the facilities to get a better idea of what aspects of CASPAR facilities need improvement. Remember...we have $975 raised from Nat? Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (last semester? fundraiser) to spend to improve this place! Also we need to start brainstorming ideas for our mural. We will be starting a notebook/log that will be left at CASPAR front desk to let other members know what's going on in terms of the CASPAR project.

In efforts to improve the CASPAR facility, we will also be contacting dormitory house managers about extra furniture to donate to CASPAR. (Who wants to ask the Marriot for an spare lamp???)

Church of all Nations: Problem with their water pipes..

March Sunday Bread is CANCELLED!

COAN is still closed for repairs and renovation. We will not be able to do our March and April Sunday Bread this year. We are considering sending them a donation to help with repair expenses.

Walk for Hunger

You can help out in two ways~:

Man our booth during Walk For Hunger. We are planning to give out water and cheer people.
Walk for hunger~* and collect money from your MIT friends!

Date: 1st Sunday of May

The first Sunday of May...May 4th this year. Hunger Action will be setting up a pledging booth in lobby 10 or the Student Center to collect sponsor donations. We will be organizing a walking team, and also setting up an "encouragement booth" on Mem. Drive for those volunteers who are not walking-inclined. Remember...you do NOT have to walk all 20 miles...although there is free Ben&Jerry's at the end...

We have money to DONATE!

We are thinking about donating money to CASPAR and Church of All Nations.
Buy something meaningful for them instead of pure monetary donation such as furnitures, lamp,
Let us know where we can donate them.
Ethiopia: Asking for monetary & clothing donation.

Rosie's Place

Every Sundays 10:00am - 2:00pm.
Contact mindyc@mit.edu if you are interested in joining
Rosie's Place Location

*If interested in volunteering at a nice, elegant-as-they-get soup kitchen, try Rosie's Place (http://www.rosies.org). If you're looking for someone to go with, email hunger-request@mit.edu and a group can be arranged. Rosie's is a great place to volunteer and the facilities are wonderful. However, it is never short on help, and Hunger Action would like to focus most of its attention on CASPAR.

Food Salvage

We've emailed Rich Berlin, the "MIT Dining King/Chief" and are awaiting his response. Presumably, we will be allowed to salvage from any non-Sodexo food service. We just need his official "go ahead." We will be considering using MIT SafeRide to transport the food to CASPAR...that is, unless Mr. Berlin can provide transportation for us.

Summer Projects:

Anyone staying on campus during summer can contact us to continue CASPAR weekend service and even food salvage