3rd General Meeting - April 2003

April 9, 2003
8pm, East Campus - Talbot Lounge
(looked at their cool murals afterwards)


CASPAR Service Project

-solicit art stores for mural supplies donations - type up "official" letter for this
-brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm mural ideas!!!
-solicit PSC for grant for computer for CASPAR front desk
(-look around for computer donations for CASPAR in meantime...come on...this is MIT here...)
-buy mega-powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for CASPAR
-learn how to repair wooden chairs and furniture
-learn how to build a bookshelf (or find people who will build one)
-any want to give CASPAR staff a quick MicrosoftWord/Excel, etc. computer tutorial?
CASPAR is looking for spring/summer clothing!!!
(especially undergarments, socks, and women's clothing!!!)

WALK FOR HUNGER (Sunday, May 4th)

-volunteer checkpoint booth (to sign up email hunger-request@mit.edu) most likely 12:30-4pm
-walk walk WALK!!! (again, send us an email if interested in walking with us) estimated time: 5-6 hours, including break.
-publicity, pledges, signing up, etc...Student Center booth and Infinite Corridor panel the first week of May

Ongoing weekend activities: Saturday afternoons: CASPAR

Sunday mornings: Rosie's Place
(again, email us if interested)

Food Salvage revival is on hold until next semester. We will use SafeRide to transport.


ACTIVITIES MIDWAY THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 5th…volunteer to man our booth…11am-1pm!